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Your self-care shower routine

starts with natural body soap

# handmadesoaps

Discover a minimalistic and skin-loving body soap that will inspire you to feel the power of daily self-care.

100% Vegan


Palm Oil free

Made in the Netherlands

Summer Kiss

Sweet Orange & Relaxing Lavender Soap
with Argan Oil, 115g

Price: € 9.95


Fragrance-free Soap with Oats
for Sensitive Skin, 115g

Price: € 9.95


Chocolate Body Soap Scrub
with Coffee and Cocoa Butter, 115g

Price: € 9.95

Nordic Spirit

Refreshing Soap, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus
with Green Clay, 115g

Price: € 9.95

Oriental Citrus Fusion

Energizing Soap, Patchouli & Ylang-Ylang
with Avocado Oil, 115g

Price: € 9.95


It’s your desire to be closer to nature. Body soap is your alternative to cosmetics based on synthetic ingredients.

We use natural and high-quality ingredients in soap production, like organic shea butter, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, or natural essential oils.

Read more about ingredients.


We want to inspire you to make conscious decisions in the choice of the cosmetics that you use. 

That’s why we believe that a natural soap bar without plastic in your bathroom is a small step toward the world you wish to live in. It’s high time you got back to the essence. Only you can make the change. 


As you step into the shower, be completely present in the moment. Allow yourself to fully experience the water drops on your skin, and deeply inhale the diffusing essential oils from the soap which glides across your skin. 

Did you notice that the best ideas come in the shower? It is the perfect moment of relaxation for your body and inspiration for your mind.

Is INSPIRE ME Soap for me?


no synthetic ingredients

and unique

less plastic
in your bathroom

from a local manufacturer

thoughtful present for somebody that you love

Once I’ve tried soaps, I feel like buying more! Great also as a gift for someone you love.


I thought that soap dries out your skin, but this one is different. MOCHACCINO SOAP is like a chocolate massage.


I’m renovating my bathroom, and I know I don’t want shower gel in plastic bottles anymore in my new zen space. I choose INSPIRE ME soap bars because I prefer quality, not quantity.


You won’t regret it. Hand-made, natural, foamy, and smells delicious.


Love the way it makes my skin feel so clean and soft!